In a world where everybody has a hole to fill, what happens when someone unplugs the only vending machine that sells the “Filler” everyone is waiting in line for?

Filla’ Void is a sci-fi eye-candy with a hint of social commentary following a strong female protagonist named Not Karen’s journey into another man’s stomach hole.

This is my thesis film at SVA, I spend about a year to make this, hope you enjoy it:)

Filla' Void Poster.jpg

The password is: FillaVoid

Screen shots from the film.

Final character design turn around! (The guard, Victor, Not Karen)

Early sketches and color exploration.

Opening sequence storyboard!

Click here for the PDF

Animatic with scrappy temp sound by me.

This is the original opening sequence from my film Filla’ Void, that didn’t made it in the final film.

Thanks for watching!!!

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Script: Xinhui Ma

Character and prop design: Xinhui Ma

Storyboard: Xinhui Ma

Layout: Xinhui Ma

Background painting: Xinhui Ma

Black and white part background painting: Claire Burn

Animation: Xinhui Ma

Dream sequence guest animator: Andres Padilla

Compositing and effects: Xinhui Ma

End credit illustration gifs: Claire Muirehead

Voice actor: Claire Muirehead

Music: Chi Chung So (Chiso music)

Mixing and recording: Puerto Productions

Advisor/professor: Harry Teitleman